Idar Designs Featured In Vancouver Art Gallery Exhibition


From July 18th, 2020 until January 3rd, 2021 the Vancouver Art Gallery featured over 300 works as part of the exhibition Modern in the Making: Post-War Craft and Design in British Columbia. This exhibition examined the furniture, ceramics, textiles, fashion and jewellery that defined West Coast modern living in the mid-twentieth century.

In the three decades following the Second World War, thousands of people immigrated to British Columbia seeking the benefits of its resource-based economy, mild climate, natural amenities and inventive spirit. This optimistic post-war environment fostered the development of exceptional design and craft practices, deeply influenced by the tenets of modernism: simplicity, fine craftsmanship and functional design for everyday use.

The most comprehensive view of mid-century craft and design from this region assembled to date, the exhibition revealed how local histories, immigration patterns and materials impacted interpretations of modernism in British Columbia, while also recognizing this cultural movement’s inherent ties to colonial expansion.

Featured among the works were several jewellery designs by goldsmith and master craftsman Idar Bergseth.

Vancouver Art Gallery
Modern in the Making: Post-War Craft and Design in British Columbia