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The Celtic Revival Collection

A modern interpretation of an ancient style

Traditional Celtic jewellery was predominantly silver with gold accents; the Celtic Revival Collection of handmade rings respects that heritage. This series contains fun, bold, meaningful, statement pieces favoured by strong personalities. Each piece tells a story – has its own history.

In terms of technique these are extremely difficult pieces to make, but the results are nothing short of spectacular. Featuring 19K white gold, with either 18K red gold, or 18K yellow gold, the base of the ring is made first; the detail is then applied – a difficult task (especially on a tapered ring) requiring much planning, as the pattern completely encircles the ring. In some designs the contrasting colour is cut out of a single piece of gold and then laminated to the band, so there are no gaps, or visible solder flow. This is a highly skilled manual procedure.

The Ancient Egyptians carried out the first established jewellery-making some 3,000 – 5,000 years ago; they worked mostly in gold. Since then computer design and mass production have infiltrated the market place. Idar’s creations have a lot more in common with the skilled work of those ancient craftsmen than with the mass-produced, computer-designed pieces in other jewellery stores. His designs, like those thousand of years ago, strike a visceral note that can only come from the human experience. When a craftsman works his magic, crafting the gold and turning it into something meaningful – something timeless, he leaves a little bit of himself behind in every piece. That’s when it becomes priceless; and you know when you slip it on your finger it’s simply meant to be.