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The Botanical Series

The beauty and inspiration of trees, and plants, portrayed in gold

A craftsmen’s inspiration can come from almost anywhere; in this series of rings we take you to Idar’s gulf island cottage surrounded by West Coast trees and plants. If you love trees, these pieces of art will undoubtedly ‘speak’ to you; if you have ever hugged a tree, now is the time to let a tree hug you.

In the Arbutus ring we connect with the colours and textures of the tree – the brushed red-gold branches, the leaves extending to the outer edges of the white gold rims, the feeling of a living organism. This ring is as unique as the Arbutus tree itself.

Always a fan of the Gingko tree, Idar’s Gingko ring is another bold, stylized, yet recognizable design. His signature open airy design is on full display here; 18K yellow gold leaves, with their unusual shape, seem to float between two bands of 19K white gold. Calmness, serenity, and continuity are evoked in this craftsman’s timeless work of art.

Cherry blossoms have featured in art since time immemorial and the Cherry Blossom ring carries on a tradition of highlighting the Cherry tree’s balance of strength and grace. Gnarled 19K white gold branches, 18K red-gold flowers, and diamond dewdrops weave their way between white gold rims to make this an exquisite piece of art from an inspired craftsman.