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The Summer Series

One of our most popular collections, the “Summer Series” allows Idar free range to showcase the west coast’s flora and fauna. Flowers including calla lilies, roses and periwinkle, along with beautiful summer creatures such as ladybugs and dragonflies, inspire these handmade pieces of art.

This collection epitomizes Idar’s craftsmanship and groundbreaking designs. Each ring is hand-forged, not cast, making it stronger than normal rings, while maintaining a delicate grace. Idar’s summer rings are designed to be worn everyday – enjoyed by you now, and your family forever - a treasured heirloom piece for generations to come.

Idar’s signature bee trademark is stamped on the inside of each piece and ensures you are purchasing an original hand-forged piece of art that will last a lifetime and beyond, not an inferior imitation cast piece.

Summer rings range from 5mm to 10mm in width and can be worn as modern wedding bands, family rings, or non-traditional right hand ‘me’ rings to celebrate independence and happiness.