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Idar Jewellers, diamonds, gold handcrafted jewellery The Summer Series, Victoria, BC, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Canada

The Summer Series

One of our most popular collections, the “Summer Series” allows Idar free range to showcase the west coast’s flora and fauna. Flowers including calla lilies, roses and periwinkle, along with beautiful summer creatures such as ladybugs and dragonflies, inspire these handmade pieces of art.

This collection epitomizes Idar’s craftsmanship and groundbreaking designs. Each ring is hand-forged, not cast, making it stronger than normal rings, while maintaining a delicate grace. Idar’s summer rings are designed to be worn everyday – enjoyed by you now, and your family forever – a treasured heirloom piece for generations to come.

Idar’s signature bee trademark is stamped on the inside of each piece and ensures you are purchasing an original hand-forged piece of art that will last a lifetime and beyond, not an inferior imitation cast piece.

Summer rings range from 5mm to 10mm in width and can be worn as modern wedding bands, family rings, or non-traditional right hand ‘me’ rings to celebrate independence and happiness.

Idar Jewellers, diamonds, gold handcrafted jewellery The Rosemaling Collection, Victoria, BC, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Canada

The Rosemaling Collection

Norwegian tradition meets West Coast style – the iconic arabesque

Norwegian tradition meets West Coast imagery in this treasured collection – our customers talk of the swirls reminding them of ocean waves and the airy feel giving them a sense of freedom and space. The open design makes these rings comfortable to wear – finally, function and beauty come together in harmony.

Rosemaling is a distinctive, traditional Norwegian decorative art involving swirls and leaves. Our Rosemaling collection offers a new take on this traditional art form. Each ring is a labour of love, taking some 20+ hours to create. We use white, yellow and red gold and many of the pieces feature rare natural coloured diamonds.

This collection gives a nod to Idar’s heritage; his Norwegian parents instilled in him a certain design sense, that has a definite Scandinavian lineage and has influenced much of his work. Simple, clean lines and a delicate, graceful look speak to this upbringing.

‘Simple’ designs are often the most difficult in terms of craftsmanship and these pieces illustrate this well. Style alone is rarely sufficient; jewellery is an amulet, it should be worn – enjoyed, experienced, and the Rosemaling collection delivers on all fronts by offering style, substance and a definite sense of presence.

Idar Jewellers, diamonds, gold handcrafted jewellery The Botanical Series, Victoria, BC, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Canada

The Botanical Series

The beauty and inspiration of trees, and plants, portrayed in gold

A craftsmen’s inspiration can come from almost anywhere; in this series of rings we take you to Idar’s gulf island cottage surrounded by West Coast trees and plants. If you love trees, these pieces of art will undoubtedly ‘speak’ to you; if you have ever hugged a tree, now is the time to let a tree hug you.

In the Arbutus ring we connect with the colours and textures of the tree – the brushed red-gold branches, the leaves extending to the outer edges of the white gold rims, the feeling of a living organism. This ring is as unique as the Arbutus tree itself.

Always a fan of the Gingko tree, Idar’s Gingko ring is another bold, stylized, yet recognizable design. His signature open airy design is on full display here; 18K yellow gold leaves, with their unusual shape, seem to float between two bands of 19K white gold. Calmness, serenity, and continuity are evoked in this craftsman’s timeless work of art.

Idar Jewellers, diamonds, gold engagement rings, Victoria, BC, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Canada

Cherry blossoms have featured in art since time immemorial and the Cherry Blossom ring carries on a tradition of highlighting the Cherry tree’s balance of strength and grace. Gnarled 19K white gold branches, 18K red-gold flowers, and diamond dewdrops weave their way between white gold rims to make this an exquisite piece of art from an inspired craftsman.

Idar Jewellers, diamonds, gold handcrafted jewellery Celtic Revival Collection, Victoria, BC, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, Toronto, Montreal, Canada

The Celtic Revival Collection

A modern interpretation of an ancient style

Traditional Celtic jewellery was predominantly silver with gold accents; the Celtic Revival Collection of handmade rings respects that heritage. This series contains fun, bold, meaningful, statement pieces favoured by strong personalities. Each piece tells a story – has its own history.

In terms of technique these are extremely difficult pieces to make, but the results are nothing short of spectacular. Featuring 19K white gold, with either 18K red gold, or 18K yellow gold, the base of the ring is made first; the detail is then applied – a difficult task (especially on a tapered ring) requiring much planning, as the pattern completely encircles the ring. In some designs the contrasting colour is cut out of a single piece of gold and then laminated to the band, so there are no gaps, or visible solder flow. This is a highly skilled manual procedure.

The Ancient Egyptians carried out the first established jewellery-making some 3,000 – 5,000 years ago; they worked mostly in gold. Since then computer design and mass production have infiltrated the market place. Idar’s creations have a lot more in common with the skilled work of those ancient craftsmen than with the mass-produced, computer-designed pieces in other jewellery stores. His designs, like those thousand of years ago, strike a visceral note that can only come from the human experience. When a craftsman works his magic, crafting the gold and turning it into something meaningful – something timeless, he leaves a little bit of himself behind in every piece. That’s when it becomes priceless; and you know when you slip it on your finger it’s simply meant to be.

Award-Winning Jewellers

A superb piece of hand-crafted jewellery is very special. The care, thought, and craftsmanship that goes into an Idar piece makes the final creation incredibly personal and beautiful. That is exactly what Idar Jewellers has been doing for more than 45 years.

And, each and every piece of handcrafted jewellery from an Idar Collection is very special. Idar’s award-winning jewellery designs are not copied but re-created with each customer in mind. Add, and/or custom with precious gemstones to create your unique engagement, wedding, anniversary, birthday, or family ring, a pair of earrings, a bracelet or pendant.

Or, shop the Idar Collections of fine, handcrafted jewellery from stock either in-person or online, if you see a piece of jewellery that Idar has already created that is perfect for you or a loved one.